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Dec 30, 2012 6:30pm EST
. how they ended up knee deep in the swamp. how kids can use their smart phone but a mom typed up a 18 point contract for her kid. over the top or something you should try? >>> but first we begin tonight with the winds that camewhipping through the area but are they going to stick around. we had the know. mike masco is here with the answer. what about the wind and cold. will we see it for a wild. >> the wind no the cold yes. that means bundle up. look at the shot downtown. dry and clear and 40 in the city. outlying areas into the 30s. eldersburg is close to the freezing mark many into the 20s going into tonight. the hour by hour forecast through the night. cold and 26 degrees. we wake up to 24 and pretty cold conditions. a little wind chill with a breeze that will come in. and then for tomorrow afternoon around lunchtime clouds build going for 38 degrees for your afternoon high. take a look at maryland's most power fall few cloud to the north and west. but a system in texas we have to keep ion on. we will talk about that coming up in a little bit. joce. >> thanks. cliff hanger continue
Dec 9, 2012 6:30pm EST
is going to fix the weather for us. it's going to take a lot of duct tape and glue. >> it's going to be a late night. visibilities have been down all weekend long. visibility low. what does that mean? we have some dense fog out there. that will be with us through the course of tonight. radar, pretty clear over to the west. a few spotty showers down to the south. a warm front south of the city that will lift north. notice the temperatures are starting to bump up tonight heading into tomorrow. 46 goes straight to 47 around midnight. a lot of showers out there. big, dramatic changes in the 7- day. >>> at 4:30 i felt sick losing back to back sundays for the steelers and the redskins. at 6:30, a little better. still heading to the play offs. >> reporter: at dela rosas, trying to come to grips with the second loss, this one in overtime. the battle of the beltway just not working out with baltimore losing 31-28. we want to show you inside de la rosas. a crowd of ravens fans throwing back drinks and shaking their heads trying to drain the memory of that loss there. it all came down to the
Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
something like a job and that charging would be used to help cut down on unwanted spam. if you used to be -- it used to be you would have to be a vip to be recognized at your favorite restaurant. now, everyone knows your name and favorite take and how much you tip. it is all stored if data bases for access the moment you walk through the door. megan bringel reports how they use those reports might surprise you. >> reporter: before you walk into a restaurant you typically know what you want. >> i hike a booth, close and personal. >> i would like my coke with no ice. >> unprocessed food, vegetarian. >> reporter: now, thanks to technology the restaurants may know it, too. >> it was all in the mind of an owner or materde what you wanted to eat and drink now it could be in the computer. >> reporter: many restaurants are keeping detailed records of their customers, ready to pull up and use the moment you walk through the door. idea is simple. the more they know the better they can serve. >> who does not like to go into a restaurant, greeted by name, maybe shown to their favorite tables
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3